In the landscape of the serene desert frontier, at the foot of Mount Amasa, and on the edge of the Arad Valley,
the picturesque village of Drejat can be found.
Theirs is a captivating story of human perseverance.
It is a tale of the lives of a wonderful people, who have preserved their heritage and ancient civilization to this day.
On visiting this country mountain culture, guests can experience famous Middle Eastern hospitality.
Falakhim (Arab farmers) from the south of Mount Hebron established the village of Drejat in the mid 19th century.
They descended to the Negev, and settled on the edge of the Arad Valley.
With them they brought the culture of cave dwellers that had been common in the south of Mount Hebron from the days of biblical patriarchs.
The first settlers made their home in ancient cave dwellings, carved deep into the solid rock.
The settlement was founded next to a famous biblical path on which Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob traveled from Beit El and Hebron south to Beer Sheba, the Negev, and on to Egypt as is related in the book of Genesis.
Caesar Dioklitianos paved a stone road along this route (283 AD) during the Roman era.
It is possible to view the impressive remains to this day, during a visit to the enchanting village.

Jaber Abu Hamad hosts his guests in ancient stone caves offering refreshments as did his ancestors.
The visit is laced with rich history and stories from ancient times to present day, wherein the village is undergoing a remarkable process of modernization.
The experience includes a fascinating tour, beautiful observation points, stories and anecdotes, and of course a taste of the famous tabun bread (made before your eyes), sweet mountain tea, and a taste of Arab bitter coffee.
Homemade meals made by the Abu Hamad family can be ordered providing a taste of delicious traditional foods
Hospitality and storytelling are included.
It is recommended that you combine the visit with trips to neighboring areas, rich in biblical history
and offering a lovely view of nature.


:For reservations for tours, and meals

Jaber Abu Hamad, cel –  054- 7969576
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